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A Shroud For Lazarus
There has been a drought and only The Plantation has the resources to bring water down to its fields. Most of the small farmers in town have been compelled to work for the Plantation. The majority of townspeople opt for solace in the congregation of Papa, a local preacher. ajala, the community rebel dogged by creditors and cursed by Papa, mysteriously dies. after the creditors depart he rises up and plans to use his "resurrection" to bring down Papa and The Plantation but things do not go as planned.
An Infidel In The Upper Room
Two old men on opposing sides of the religious divide find their friendship under test on account of the controversy triggered by the Danish cartoons depicting Prophet Mohammed.
On their way to a family dinner, three sisters are divided at a crossroads. From Nigeria in the 1700s through Brazil, Cuba and the USA to London in 2013, the sisters survive by their spirits - spirits of courage, mischief and incredible resilience
The Bonfire Of The Innocents
Paul has just moved from his father's plantage into the big city. Here, he feels lonely and hasn't met any friends. at his boarding school he finds himself chased by two other students. He doesn't know what they want but it doesn't feel as if they want to be his friend. Their intention to make Paul succumb to the school's hierarchy forces the young people into a dangerous game of life and death.

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Rotimi Babatunde

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