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Children Of The Father
An old ex-priest that used to rape young children sends a forgiveness letter to all of his victims and invites them to meet him in a basement to apologise himself for his actions. Only three victims in the age of 30 appear. Two women and a man. During the waiting we learn in what ways this action has influenced their lives and we discover that the man hasn't been touched by the priest. The reason that brings him there is completely different. When the priest finally appears everything comes to the surface.
Dionysius Night
Ourania lives with her daughter Dionysia who is suffering from brain disability. The two women live all by themselves. The father has passed away and the older son is occupied with his own life. One day during their walk on square they meet a young kind boy; Anthony. The boy's presence takes a whole different meaning in Mother's mind and she decides to invite him over for dinner.
Edward Kynaston is the last famous boy-player during Restoration in England (1600). He has an affair with the producer and actor of "Hope Theatre", William Johnson. When William decides, in the spirit of the age, to employ women to play the female roles, Kynaston's career hangs in the balance. Kynaston must learn to play male roles or lose his profession entirely.

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