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A magical journey that follows 2 curious children that come across their grandparents attic to discover an old book that transports them into a new magical world.
The year is 2080 and the flight on board this "Stargazer 3000" space-ship is like no other. Transporting the audience with the cast into space where Captain Smoth and Pilot Froster realise that a spy has infiltrated their ship from Darth Volvor. the space ship crashes on a nearby planet. a planet that belongs to the "Hellites" and the "Heavenites". But this planet is like no other. a camp, fun and colourful musical for all ages. Reminiscent of Return to the Forbidden Planet.
What Happened Last Night
Chris is a member of a five-a-side football team and is cofused about his sexuality. Kenny another member is strongly attracted to Chris. the team are going to a disco after a match. at the disco Chris is bet that he wouldn't perform oral sex with Kenny. Meanwhile another member of the team, Tom, is trying to seduce Sarah. He has already made her half sister pregnant.Chris is lured outside by the two men who tried to make the bet and is double raped by them. Tom comes outside with Sarah - he pops a pill and dies - it was laced with strychnine.Chris reports the rape to the police and tells Kenny he is gay. Kenny declares his love. Chris' Father is the team coach and when he finds out about his son he explodes and gets drunk. He too is murdered.

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Warren Bacci

Warren Bacci s-a nascut la data de 1981 in , Marea Britanie.

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